Refer a friend and receive a “thank you” in the form of money.

Refer someone, get 20%.

If you refer someone and they end up commissioning a piece, I'll give you 20% of the selling price.

Refer three people, get a painting.

Refer three or more people to me, and I'll gift you a small (24" wide-ish) painting based on your input.

Sign up, get some materials.

Enter in your email and mailing address and I'll send you some business cards and a bit about how you can make your friend's walls much less empty.

Why a referral program?

Art is better when more people actually know about it. A referral program helps spread the word while making sure that my friends get a little love back.

Contact Keane.

email: keane.angle[at]
phone: 203.962.2609
twitter: @keaneangle
facebook: keaneangle
instagram: @keaneangle